TP6 to TP7: Not an easy transition!

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Now that all the assignments have been submitted and there is only TP8 left, I realised that the CELTA course is structured in a way that imitates biological development. Firstly, we begin preparing TPs receiving help and guidance by experienced tutors. As we proceed from TP to TP, though, assistance decreases. Isn’t that similar to growing up? As a child, one is protected by his/her parents and as s/he grows older, protection decreases.
In my TP6, I did a good job. Some things have been internalised (presentation, MFP, elicitation, ICQs, etc.) while others need more work (LA sheet, anticipated difficulties, etc). The thing that I did not understand, though, is that TP6 was the last stage of ‘innocence’. It is as if after this TP, the trainee becomes an adult who has the choice to either put in practice all the things that s/he learned as a child, or forget them once and for all. The latter could work in real life; not in the CELTA, though. The trainee at this stage should spend time going through his/her feedback and designing a lesson that will allow him/her show progress on areas that call for improvement.
Tip of the day: Same performance on TP6 and TP7 does not mean same results; quite the opposite. In TP7 – I guess this is true for TP8, as well – the trainee must show awareness of all the steps s/he needs to take in order to deliver a successful lesson. At this stage, one must combine the three ingredients of a ‘good’ teacher: knowledge, skill/technique, and attitude.
It is Wednesday of Week 4. There is only one day and one TP left. Have I ever gone through such an intensive month? No! Will I miss every second of it? Yes!
Hopefully, next post will be full of good news! 🙂

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