On Demand High

Today, I’ve spent some time reading about Demand High ELT, a concept conceived by Adrian Underhill and Jim Scrivener and I feel the need to commend on it. By no means do I intend to undervalue the concept; I had, though, some objections that I would like to share here.

In the first page of Demand High ELT, the writers explain the rationale of the DH concept, as it had “gone to by June 2012.” They begin their presentation by asking a series of questions that form the basis of the DH concept. It is important, at this point, to stress that most of the questions are reasonable and, in my opinion, should be asked by every professional in our field. The only question with which I do not agree, though, is the very first one: Continue reading

Tips and Advice For Summer Schools


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#ELTchat is a group of ELT professionals discussing topics of interest every Wednesday at 12pm or 9pm on rotation. Every Saturday, one of the moderators puts up a blog post on the #ELTchat Blog asking teachers who follow #ELTchat to propose some topics for the next chats. #ELTchat followers can go to that post and suggest topics in the comments under blog post. On Sunday evening, the moderators review the topics and create an online poll. #ELTchat followers are then invited to vote on the topics until Wednesday morning. (eltchat.org)

This week’s topic, proposed by Martin Sketchley (@ELTExperiences), was Tips and Advice for Summer Schools. The main areas covered were: Continue reading

The Cambridge CELTA course: an overview


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Monday morning and instead of being at CELT Athens for my CELTA course, I am at home, writing this blog post, realising that the course is over! So… that was it. 4 weeks have passed as if… Anyway, let me not go emotional, here!

What is this CELTA course, though? Well, one may find as many descriptions as s/he might want. I would like to share, though, two things about the course that I didn’t know and I found out while doing the course: The fact that success at the course is a personal and a group work, at the same time. Continue reading