First Day Activity: Introductions

This is a well known activity that can be used in many occasions. I always use it at the first day of classes.

Level of Students: Pre-Intermediate+

Linguistic Assumptions: Students should be familiar with some basic adjectives used to describe people.

Space/Facilities required: Any space/No facilities.

The Activity:

Students sit on the floor forming a circle. Starting from left to right, the first student says his/her name preceded by an adjective that has the same initial letter with the name. The second one must repeat the adjective and the name of the first and add his pair of adjective-name. The third student repeats the first two and adds his, etc. When the last one finishes, the students should create tags but not with their names on them; it is best if they write the adjective each one used. This way, students will be forced to remember each other’s names; if they have a difficulty, though, they will get a hint by looking at the adjective tag.


First student: Hello, I’m caring Christine.

Second student: Hello, she’s caring Christine and I’m adventurous Alex.

Third Student: Hello, she’s caring Christine, he’s adventurous Alex, and I’m green-eyed George.



  1. The teacher should be part of it but shouldn’t be the last one. If it is a large group, the last one’s task is very hard as s/he must remember many adjectives and names. If the teacher is the last one, s/he will get credit for making all this effort. Isn’t it better, though, to give credit to a student?
  2. The teacher should be able to help students who cannot find a suitable adjective by giving them an option of two-four adjectives so that they can select the one that best describes them.

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