Rumour Has It: The Cambridge Delta Paraphernalia

Cambridge Delta post

It has been a while since my latest blog post and… guess why? Well, the reason is no other than preparing for the 8-week Cambridge Delta intensive course at CELT Athens.

In the days/months to follow, I will be blogging about my experience as a Cambridge Delta candidate at CELT Athens. For now, though, I would just like to share with future -and present- candidates my only piece of advice: Do NOT read everything that exists online regarding the course!

If one googles the term ‘Cambridge Delta’, s/he might receive a couple of pages with official documents (which, by the way, are extremely useful) and tons of pages coming from every kind of source highlighting its ‘extreme difficulty.’

I am not saying or implying that the Cambridge Delta course is an easy one (far from it, actually!). However, the whole purpose of googling about it should not be to get panicked. It is true that the Delta is a very demanding course but who says it is beyond human abilities? Who is to say that you have to read endless reading lists? Who is to say that it is not that hard and all you have to do is be organised, read the appropriate literature in advance, prepare lesson plans, etc.? Who is to say anything, for that matter?

I have found such comments to be overwhelming and, personally, they hold me back. The same thing happened to me when preparing for the Cambridge CELTA: there were many sources describing the ‘inhumane’ nature of the course and so on, but I had a blast while doing it.

What I am trying to say here is that there is no absolute opinion about anything, let alone the difficulty of a course. For some, the Cambridge Delta might be of inconceivable difficulty; for others, it could be manageable (I am crossing my fingers while typing this sentence!). So, the best thing one can do is be alerted when reading posts on how difficult the course might be (or not); one should choose to read posts desribing how people dealt with it.

In my opinion, there are four things that I have found to be really helpful while preparing for the Cambridge Delta course:

  1. Read the Cambridge guidelines (available on the Cambridge English website). At first, one might not understand a thing; yet, the more one revisits it, the better.
  2. Revise your Cambridge CELTA notes, handouts, memories, etc. If one hasn’t done a Cambridge CELTA, well…. Good luck!
  3. Read ‘An A-Z of ELT’ by the Cambridge beloved Scott Thornbury. It is a great reference book and a very nice read to kick off a Cambridge Delta course.
  4. Visit Lizzie Pinard’s blog ‘Reflections of an English Language Teacher.‘ She has done an amazing job sharing her personal experience

So, good luck to everyone!

4 thoughts on “Rumour Has It: The Cambridge Delta Paraphernalia

  1. Reblogged this on DELTA Course Blog and commented:
    Should you be afraid of the rumours about following a DELTA course? There are those who enjoy frightening prospective candidates away from following this course. And yet, all those who have completed it report the benefits to their teaching, planning, as well as the career options open to them.

    It is true that the course is demanding – but the skills acquired make it truly worth working for.

    Enjoy Angelos’ post and let us know what you think

  2. Dear Angello,

    I’m also thinking of taking the Delta examination, I’m preparing it actually. I must say that I completely understand your words, and I’m willing to read your comments!
    Thank you for the recommendations. My list of books is endless, time really constricts, my lack of organisation is incomparable. Nevertheless I’m determined to take the examination as soon as possible.

    Best of luck!

    • Dear Noelia,

      Thank you for the comment. I truly understand the ‘lack of organisation’ part which is why I chose not to follow a part-time course. I have signed up for the intensive course at CELT Athens. Why don’t you search for a school and follow an organised course? This way you will not have to worry about reading lists, etc; experienced tutors will be able to recommend the appropriate literature for you. I wish you all the best. If you need anything else, do send me an email:

  3. Dear All,
    It’s all about you, It has nothing to do with disorganisation or lack of confidence. I follow someone’s advice ,unfortunately I don’t know his/her name: ” Name it! Aim it! Hit it!”. You are the one who decides, estimates the value of your target, and decides the suitable way to get it. Comparing yourself to others could be frustrating if you ignore what there’ve been through. And yet, “Worry” is an indispensable tool to achieve the goal. The spade that helps us dig for our justifiable aims, the flashlight that illuminates surrounding darkness. It helps us learn, explore the unknown and adapt to change. Go ahead and good luck

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