Why Did I Go Online?

I have just launched a new online course (click here for more information) and I would like to share with you the reasons I decided to go online.

First, let me thank my Delta tutor, Marisa Constantinides, and my new online friend and soon-to-be mentor for online teaching, Jack Askew, for ‘opening up’ this completely new path in my career. Deciding to go online is not easy; had it not been for the support of these two people, I would have never done it.

Back to the ‘why?’ part:

I have been teaching English for quite some time and I recently had the pleasure to assume responsibilities of a managerial post at an international educational organisation. At the same time, I am attending an online Master’s course with Leeds Beckett University and an online certificate course with International House World Organisation. That said, my schedule is quite busy and would not allow me to maintain a full time job in my home country, as I have to (and I love to) travel a lot.

Going online is a new thing for me. Theoretically, it will allow me to have a job anywhere in the world without being geographically tied to a particular area. At the same time, it will allow me to escape the paraphernalia of the Greek ‘frontistirio’ (a wannabe equivalent to language schools). Practically, it seems that online delivery requires completely new methods. I am very happy to become a learner, once again!

I can’t tell whether online teaching is the real future of ELT or not. Nor can I say whether it is easy or not. For now, I can only say that I am thrilled to explore this new world and I am very grateful for having a support network of amazing professionals who are ready to share their knowledge and experience anytime. So, thank you all and… I will keep you posted!

5 thoughts on “Why Did I Go Online?

  1. I think youre very brave to take this step, but it is definitely a step in the right direction 🙂 As we go into thr future, more and more education will go online – you only have to look at what thr British Council are doing in Uruguay.

  2. I would agree with Antony’s comment that a lot of institutions of all types are heading more and more online. Not only does it make sense for English language teachers, but also for students. With a huge range of options available, technology makes it possible to access much more. I think the rise in websites that serve to facilitate this is also an indication of what the trend may be for the future. An obvious is Google Apps for Education plus many more. I wish you all the best for your endeavours online!

    • I remember a moment not so long ago when a learner was asking me which book I could recommend them for improving their English, to which I said “Surely you can just find everything online?” – I think that was my penny-dropping moment that the shift to e-learning is already well underway 🙂

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