Give It A Voice: An online project for English Language Teachers

How many times have you tried writing your own script for listening tasks but not being able to convince anyone in the staffroom of the school you teach to record it for you?

I have faced this problem many times, especially during teacher training courses (creating original material is of great importance when being observed.

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Give It A Voice is a wiki project, which aims to assist English language teachers with the creation of original audio material. One uploads their scripts and others provide an audio version of it. Why don’t you give it a try?

Join here:

How it works:

-Upload your text to the relevant folder – use ‘pages & files’ tab (don’t forget to indicate whether you need speakers with a particular accent or not).

-Add a short description to your text.

-Folders are organised by CEFR levels.

-Users of this wiki will receive an email/invitation to record an audio version of the written text you have uploaded.

-If you want to create an audio version of a text, upload it to the relevant file using the same file name with the written version of that text.

-Once a recording is uploaded, you will receive a notification.


-All texts and recordings will be saved in this wiki. By uploading your text/audio, you allow all wiki users to use the text/audio you have uploaded.

-Respect copyright and don’t forget to properly cite the materials you upload (and give credit to the people who help you).

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact me

3 thoughts on “Give It A Voice: An online project for English Language Teachers

    • Thank you so much! Please, feel free to try it out. It is still a very young ‘tool,’ but it can help a lot – especially during CELTA – people need ‘voices’ for the listening tracks, so… we will be happy to help in any way! 🙂

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