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#ELTchat is a group of ELT professionals discussing topics of interest every Wednesday at 12pm or 9pm on rotation. Every Saturday, one of the moderators puts up a blog post on the #ELTchat Blog asking teachers who follow #ELTchat to propose some topics for the next chats. #ELTchat followers can go to that post and suggest topics in the comments under the blog post. On Sunday evening, the moderators review the topics and create an online poll. #ELTchat followers are then invited to vote on the topics until Wednesday morning (


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This week’s topic was “Apps in ELT” Click here for the transcript of the discussion.

Here’s the list with the apps we discussed in the chat:

App Description Additional Comments
Backchannel Chat Live Chat Good for backchannel chats – It gives teacher control over all aspects of discussions. (@ShaunWilden)
TodaysMeet Live Chat Anyone can join the chat (@JoyOfESL)
What’s App Real Time Messenger Used to share information, pictures, ideas, etc. among class participants (@ShaunWilden)For more information on the possible uses of What’s App in education, click here.
iWrite Words Educational Game Excellent way for new students to learn to write alphabet! (@JoyOfESL)
Stickman Educational Game Students can draw their own stickman who, then, becomes hero of a story (@Marisa_C)
Bitsboard Educational Games The flashcard feature is very useful for students (@fabenglishteach)
Draw Something Educational Game Students are inspired to play in teams in class (@Marisa_C)
Sounds Pronunciation Aid Based on the “Sounds Foundation” by Adrian Underhill (@janebarden)
Educreations Interactive Whiteboard Very useful for error feedback. You can draw by hand, type text and record voice messages – also useful for writing notes to yourself! (@Marisa_C)
Aurasma App Augmented Reality Experience @ShaunWilden will talk about this app in IATEFL Manchester 2015 – more info will be added soon.
Adobe Voice Animation Tool Make short videos to explain language point, email/FB them to students to save time in class Very easy to use (@mary28sou)
Plotagon Animation Tool Marvellous app that turns students’ writing into animated video  (@ShaunWilden)
Animoto Animation Tool Students can create their own stories and/or presentations (@Marisa_C)
Vocaroo Voice Recording Service Easiest web app for recording speaking homework – students emails recording to the teacher (@Marisa_C)
QuickVoice Voice Recording Service Record your students – Very easy to send the recordings to your students (@ITLegge)
Dragon Dictation Dictation Tool Helps students improve their pronunciation (@HadaLitim)
Evernote Online Workspace @Marisa_C’s and @BobK99’s favourite
QR Creator QR Codes You can leave QR Codes on students’ work. These can be linked to relevant consolidation exercises. (@ITLegge)
Sock Puppets Digital Storytelling You can create lip-synched videos (@fabenglishteach)
The Brainstormer Digital Storytelling Great tool which allows you to choose your own character, place, etc. (@Marisa_C)
Story Wheel Digital Storytelling Looks really nice for Young Learners (@Marisa_C)
Rory’s Story Cubes Digital Storytelling @Marisa_C’s old favourite

Two things to remember, though:

– The technology we use must be used by and be useful for our students. (@ShaunWilden), and

– We should use apps that our students will use after class so that they can extend the learning home (@HadaLitim)

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    • Thank you Adi. It was weird at first because participants were working on the doc instead of the chat (!) but, moderators did a good job and it worked really nicely!

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