So You Think You Can… Delta?

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 One of my CELTA tutors once had said that courses like the CELTA and Delta ones are like the army: you can talk about them to death but only those who have followed one of these courses will be able to understand you.

So, the intensive course is over, submission of all assignments for all modules is over, and results have been announced and are satisfying. Two months after the completion of the course (and after receiving various requests from Facebook friends) I am writing some final thoughts about the modular Delta course. Continue reading

Intensive Cambridge Delta Course: Advice to Future Candidates

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9 weeks, 118 input sessions, 4 assessed teaching practices, 30,000 words in assignments, a written exam, many reflections, and infinite moments of doubt over… basically everything. Delta is over, people!

Some months ago, a very dear tutor of mine had said “You do not understand how or when this course is over; once you start attending, time flies away and as if it were magic, you survive.” This is the Delta course, for me: a course of survival.

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Rumour Has It: The Cambridge Delta Paraphernalia

Cambridge Delta post

It has been a while since my latest blog post and… guess why? Well, the reason is no other than preparing for the 8-week Cambridge Delta intensive course at CELT Athens.

In the days/months to follow, I will be blogging about my experience as a Cambridge Delta candidate at CELT Athens. For now, though, I would just like to share with future -and present- candidates my only piece of advice: Do NOT read everything that exists online regarding the course!

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