Implementing Blended Learning: An Institutional View | Eric Baber and Carla Arena de Aquino’s presentation | IATEFL Manchester 2015

Abstract: Implementing blended learning successfully requires more than just giving teachers and students access to digital materials. In this talk, we will look at key considerations including administration of learners and teachers; teacher and learner training; monitoring teacher behaviour within an LMS; and resource and cost considerations. We will be using Casa Thomas Jefferson, Brazil, as a case study.

Here is my summary of Eric and Carla’s session:

Teacher and Learner Administration

Eric Baber started the presentation by drawing parallels between the learner administration that goes on in a face-to-face school (diagnostic testing, needs analysis, etc.) and the one that happens in an Language Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). As happens in a f2f school, administrators must create classes in an LMS, learners must enroll in the LMS and be put in the correct class(es). At this point, Eric highlighted the fact that all this requires time and in some cases it requires very much time.

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